Ceres' INRange Medical Systems' EMMA® User Featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

ALTOONA, PA 11/18/2011—Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has always shared heartfelt stories of deserving families. On November 4, 2011, they shared the story of SSGT Allen Hill and his family. Throughout the episode the Hill family discussed Allen's battle with Post Traumatic Stress and the importance of this new home. This new home would mean a safe environment for SSGT Hill and the ability to once again live with his family. Included in this new home is INRange Medical Systems's EMMA®technology, which stands for Electronic Medication Management Assistant and allows for remote control and tracking of medication management in the home by a licensed health care professional.

Additional footage showcasing INRange Medical Systems, Inc EMMA® technology that did not air during the episode can be found on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's website as well as their YouTube page. One segment proudly features Chris Bossi, CEO of INRange Systems, Inc. explaining EMMA® to Paige Hemmis. EMMA® has proved a useful tool for SSGT Hill in monitoring his strict poly-pharmacy regimen. The segment, shown below, showcasing the importance of EMMA® can be found on YouTube here.

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